Programmme Management & Implementation

The SAC is the recipient of the IFAD Grant, and IFPRI is the sub- recipient. The SAC and the IFPRI will work together for the management and implementation of the programme. The Grant will be managed and the overall work will be coordinated by the PCU under the supervision of the Director of the SAC.

SAC and IFPRI will organize the Programme Management Meeting (PMM) semi-annually, preferably face-to-face. SAC will be responsible for convening the PMM with support from PCU for preparing the PMM. The functions of PMM will be to report on the programme’s operational and disbursement progress and expenditure, discuss challenges/bottlenecks in implementation and review the programme’s approach, harmonize planned activities, and consolidate input to annual progress reports and AWPBs.


Programme Steering Committee (PSC)

National Focal Points (NFPs)

Programme Officials

Recipient & Donor